Advantages of New Construction


1.   YOU GET TO DESIGN YOUR HOME YOUR OWN WAY--You no longer have to live with someone else’s choices and favorite colors.  You finally get things YOUR WAY!  You will select your colors, countertops, cabinets, flooring, appliances, fixtures, and lighting in most cases.

 2.   YOU FINALLY GET THE FLOOR PLAN YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED--Choose the floor plan that gives you the room size, layout, and room locations that you prefer rather than settling for what is already out there.  Build a Master Suite with a Fireplace or a Kitchen that opens out to a lanai and pool area…you can have it your way this time.

 3.  YOUR HOME IS UNDER WARRANTY—NO SURPRISES!   Used homes usually require both cosmetic and functional upgrades that can be quite expensive.  Appliances, heating and air systems, plumbing, exterior maintenance, and roofing often are in need of updating.  A new home owner not only does not face any of these immediate costs, but will get a warranty on the construction, systems, and the appliances as well.  Calculating the cost of home ownership should take all these factors into consideration.

4.    ENERGY SAVINGS—The new homes being built today are far more energy efficient than homes built even 5 years ago.  If a house was built 10-20 years ago, the difference is astounding.  Drafty windows have been replaced with tightly built windows that are often impact resistant up to Hurricane Standards of 160 MPH winds plus.  The appliances, hot water heater, and heating and air systems that are being installed today are also much more efficient and will save the homeowner thousands of dollars over several years.

 5.  LOW MAINTENANCE—Today’s homes are engineered to be more durable and need less periodic maintenance such as exterior painting or interior plumbing systems that used to always seem to require service. 

6.   ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY—Homes being built today allow the buyer to take advantage of the latest in home technology such as being pre-wired to be a “smart home” where you can control all the major lighting, security, and audio/visual systems centrally or remotely.  Also, environmental systems can be programmed based on a family’s living patterns to allow for peak efficiency and cost savings on utilities.

7.   SAFETY—Today’s new homes offer the latest in fire and security systems built right into the home if desired.  Other safety features include:  garage door openers that use infrared technology to protect children from getting struck by a garage door closing,  air conditioners use the latest environmentally friendly and safe coolants, painted and finished surfaces use less harmful chemicals that in the past which can create toxicity in the home, and carpets that also are constructed of less harmful chemical fibers that can add to an unhealthy home environment as well.

 8.  THAT NEW HOME FEEL—A used home is someone else’s dream…not yours.  It reflects their preferences and family memories.  It feels good to know that you are the first to live in this new space and that you have made it uniquely yours…from the beginning.  

 9.  LOCATIONYou get to choose the location of your dream home and choose the land it sits on…often buyers would have preferred the used home they bought to have been situated elsewhere.  Not a problem when you choose!

 10.  FINANCING—New construction often offers financing perks unavailable to purchasers of used homes.  Your builder can recommend the best financing sources to learn about these deals.